Visit the Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is modern gallery based in London – it features hundreds of exhibitions every year and they are all so unique.

It holds the national collection of British art, from all the way back in 1900, to now.

Some of the art there is just so amazing- you should see for yourself.

Getting into The Tate

It is free to gain access to the inside of Tate Modern, aside from tempoary specual exhibitions – prices vary so always check online before you go!

The opening times are here:

  • Sunday to Thursday 10.00–18.00
  • Friday to Saturday 10.00–22.00

What’s Inside the Tate Modern?

Maria LalicHistory painting – 14 Greek Massicot

Pablo Picasso – Bust of a women

Anish Kapoor – Ishi’s light

Andy Warhol No title

Dod Procter – Morning

The easiest way of getting to the Tate Modern…




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