The 3 Best Art Exhibitions in London

Donna  Hucanca Рzabludowicz collection

Imagine being in a room full of naked people and you’re the only fully clothed one – scary right? Well American artist Donna, uses models covered in paint and nothing else.

They move around in slow-mo, leaving smears of paint from their body all over glass. Within the chapel (where it is held) it features a speaker, continually playing a throbbing drone, and where sound shakes the whole room and the windows.

Many have said the whole collection makes your heart race as the models slowly walk past you, acting as if you weren’t there. It is definitely something that’s way out there.

This exhibition also features a back room that is full of painting and images where people have paint smeared skin. Along with sculptures to look just like the body make from latex and hair.

All about the naked body.

Abstract Expressionism

This exhibition involves torn apart paintings that are reconstructed to create an even bigger piece – it becomes even more abstract, passionate, bigger and bolder. All featuring parts of history to tell a story.

There are a numerous amount of rooms all featuring somebody else’s abstract work.

The first is a feature piece with fusions of cubism and surrealism are all brave, angry and tormented. They create such different atmospheres; some are so brutal and intense, that when you are leaving, you just feel so overwhelmed.

Other rooms are full of an array of colours – some also feature still paintings.

With many artists featured, you should go and see it before it finishes!

Malick Sidibé

This fantastic exhibition features photographs of young people in Bamako – all contain issues that were occurring in the 1960’s, just after Mali got it’s independence from France.

The purpose of the images is to create and answer the questions that emerge from looking at them – dates are all incorrect as you can tell due to objects in the photograph. For example, a photo was dated 1964, but the person in the image was holding an album released in 1968.

Many say that it was due to Malick’s memory failing himself. Another theory is that all of these people lived in their own parallel universe.

Such an amazing series.

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